StreetPass Donegal Meetup • September 10th

On Saturday September 10th North West Ireland will be playing host to its first ever Nintendo 3DS meetup (with a hint of Pokémon Go). Yes, the group StreetPass Donegal are convening at The Exchange, which is a Community Centre in …Continue reading →

3DS eShop releases for 3rd March

Today is a rarity in that the 29th February only comes around every 4 years. Anyway after last week’s Pokemon frenzy it’s a lot quieter this week, but there’s loads of discounts on offer. eShop: Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard (Abylight, €7.99/ …Continue reading →

3DS eShop releases for 25th February

We have several big releases for Thursday and the weekend as well and most of these release have a nostalgic vibe to them. eShop Download: Mega Man Legacy Collection (CAPCOM, available February 23) – €14.99/£11.99 Excave III: Tower of Destiny …Continue reading →

Prices for Pokemon Red/Blue and Yellow VC releases confirmed

The prices for the upcoming Virtual Console releases of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow have been revealed ahead for their release date of 27th February 2016. The UK/EU prices have finally been confirmed and each game will cost £8.99/€9.99 respectively.

3DS eShop releases for 18th February

Retail Download: Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon (Nintendo, available February 19) – €39.99/£34.99 Return to PopoloCrois: A STORY OF SEASONS Fairytale (Marvelous) – €34.99/£29.99 Themes: Dreamcast (SEGA, €1.79/ £1.59) Hi-Tech Sega (SEGA, €1.79/ £1.59) SEGA Saturn (SEGA, €1.79/ £1.59) Pokémon: Champion …Continue reading →

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