London’s Latest Arcade : VEGA London

It’s always a cause for celebration when a new arcade opens, so we are pleased to announce that, as of last Monday (September 21st) London has its latest gaming venue! Joining the prestigious ranks of Namco Funscape, Las Vegas Soho …Continue reading →

Interview with Tom Scott of SmashUK

Tom Scott (usually known as G~P) is the owner and creator of SmashUK! His insanely popular group represent the competitive Smash Bros scene of the United Kingdom. Tom has kindly taken some time out of his busy schedule to answer …Continue reading →

StreetPass London XMas Contest + Next Meet Details

To mark the festive season (a time where many will receive 3DS-based goodies) StreetPass London are holding a competition! To take part you need to draw a picture using only the MS Paint application and post it either in the …Continue reading →

Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse delayed until 2014

For all those waiting for the latest exclusive 3DS Shantae game you are going to have to be even more patient, as Matt Bozon from Wayforward stated via Twitter that the game will likely be released in 2014, specifically around …Continue reading →

2nd batch of 3D SEGA Classics being created.

The first series of games of SEGA’s 3D Classics range came out last Thursday with Super Hang On and Space Harrier, and with Sonic 1 and other titles coming out in the following weeks. But M2 who are responsible for …Continue reading →

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