London’s Latest Arcade : VEGA London

It’s always a cause for celebration when a new arcade opens, so we are pleased to announce that, as of last Monday (September 21st) London has its latest gaming venue! Joining the prestigious ranks of Namco Funscape, Las Vegas Soho and The Four Quarters ; VEGA London (as it is known) is located in the basement of a building known from the outside as VEGAS. It represents the building’s video game arcade section (the ground level floor is populated with gambling machines, in a similar setup to the Las Vegas arcade in Soho). VEGA London is a miniature arcade, yes, but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for with in-demand arcade titles. Combine this with being situated in one of the most achingly cool neighborhoods in Central London (Angel, Islington) and you begin to appreciate what a formidable little pocket rocket this awesome little venue is.


Vega London video games

Collage of photos showing off some of the fun activities VEGA London offers


The community side of things (among other bits) is taken care of by Josh Chichon, who is well known in the gaming community for his similiar work at premier Southend arcade Astro City. He has this to say to local 3DS fans ;

“I would love for people who own a 3DS and live nearby to feel welcomed and stop by just to pick up a few StreetPass hits whenever they spend ten minutes inside the arcade, that way there’s always something there for everyone”.


Obligatory DDR machine. Every decent arcade needs one! This one is running DDR X3 vs 2ndMix

Obligatory DDR machine. Every decent arcade needs one! This one is running DDR X3 vs 2ndMix


For those of you curious about the array of arcade titles currently on offer here is a convenient list :

  • DDR X3 vs 2ndMix
  • Super Street Fighter 4
  • Tekken 6 : Bloodline Rebellion
  • BlazBlue (Continuum Shift)
  • Beatmania (with full interactive DJ deck!)
  • Tetris Terror-Instinct
  • Pop’n Music Fantasia


E-posted contain VEGA London's vital details

E-posted containing VEGA London’s vital details


There are also plentiful chairs and a pool table, to really add to the venue’s communal potential. We would seriously recommend it as a venue to those of you looking to start up a new gaming meet-up group (something the owners would actually love to see).

We wish this hip new arcade every success in the coming months and years




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