The StreetPass North Wales “Summer Holiday” event

StreetPass North Wales are looking to unite the UK with their upcoming “Summer Holiday” event. Taking place on the 2nd of August at BAR UNO (Ffriddoedd Road), in Bangor, Wales, this event promises ‘fun, games, tournaments and of course StreetPasses’!

Mario Kart 8 fans will be pleased to know a contest based on the popular title will be taking place on the day. There’s also the possibility of a Smash Bros Brawl tournament. However, the star contest will be the MiiVision final. The brainchild of Nameri (who’s fanfics we are proud to host), MiiVision is a nationwide StreetPass UK competition. Utilising the music-making capabilities of new 3DS game Tomodachi Life, entrants are asked to write a song about their StreetPass group’s hometown (I must admit I have been considering writing a ditty about London). This song must then be recorded via the Tomodachi Life software, filmed, and the footage sent to before the closing date of the 25th July (for full details see here). The winners will be announced at the Summer Holiday event, and they will receive certificates (with a ‘special prize’ going to first place).


The event's e-poster

The event’s e-poster


Aside from that you can expect all the usual 3DS shenanigans. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Mario Kart 7, Pokemon X/Y : whatever your poison you’re bound to find someone who plays the same games as you!

As alluded to before StreetPass UK fans from every locale are encouraged to come. So if you ever fancied meeting some of the superstars behind the StreetPass UK meets this event serves as a wonderful opportunity.


To view details/RSVP please see here :
The group’s Twitter account :
The official StreetPass UK site :

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