“Tomodachi Life; this is Nameri. Please do not swear.”

Fanfic writer Nameri, author of our popular New Leaf Noir series (prologue, #2, #3) is back, this time with a story based on the universe of Nintendo’s zany new 3DS title : Tomodachi Life! The story is told as if it were an unfolding series of reality hit ‘Big Brother’. Enjoy!

Day 1 in the Tomodachi Life house on Esperanto Island starts this Friday, and Big Sister Nameri is relishing her new role as mistress of ceremonies. She will be the first resident on this deserted island, and will choose the future residents and, to a large extent, the residents’ future. We caught up with her a few days before Day 1 to ask her what we can expect to see in this new virtual reality show.

“Well, obviously I’m going to be living here for a while so of course I want to bring my husband Wolf along, and my parents too. But I was interested in the social experiment side of things so I’ve managed to find a number of celebrities who have agreed to be in the short list. As for who actually ends up on the island – depends on how I feel. And once we’re all there, who knows what’s going to happen?”



This show has already taken people by storm in Japan and a US version is also due any time now, and from what we’ve seen, it’s going to be surreal. Drop in frequently to see what everyone is doing, the challenges and of course the romances. We’re told that there is even technology available on the island to read residents’ dreams, which should be interesting!

Nameri has hand-picked her short list of fellow islanders, and we are amazed to see some really quite huge stars in there – waiting in the wings are such diverse factual and fictional dignitaries as singer Beyoncé Knowles, actor and TV personality Stephen Fry, science giant Albert Einstein, Neddie Seagoon of the Goon Show, President Obama and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. A potent mix, if ever there was. And there are a few more surprise guests too – apparently from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away so it’s taking them a little while to get here. With such an ensemble cast we can’t wait! Here’s a cast photo to whet your appetite – stay tuned for our first episode soon!



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