Top 10 K.K. Slider Songs

One of the best things about Animal Crossing : New Leaf is that you can acquire musical tracks for use around your home, which are said to be written by one of the game’s main characters’ K.K.Slider. Named after Nintendo legend Kazumi Totaka who composed, among many other things, the mighty Legend of Zelda main theme, it stands to reason that these tracks happen to be of a very high standard. In fairness, the consistency of quality among them make an objective assessment of the Top 10 K.K. Slider songs nigh impossible, and this is something this article does not pretend to attempt. Nope, this article is an unashamed opinion piece where I merely state the ten that appeal to me, for what ever reasons, the most. Enjoy!


K.K's Saturday night show has brightened up many a Saturday evening...

K.K’s Saturday night show has brightened up many a Saturday evening…


10) Lucky K.K

I must admit I wasn’t expecting to find one of the most authentic Celtic musical numbers I’ve heard in a long time in a Japanese video game ; but what do you know? Perhaps I’m a little biased towards Lucky K.K. given that I’m of Irish descent (Good Luck Bear also happens to be my favorite Care Bear, for example). But are patriotism and reverence of the mother land not part of what make us what we are? And, in any case, Lucky K.K’s a stomping, jolly and layered little track that I would genuinely love to see Michael Flaherty tap along to…


9) K.K Dixie

It’s impossible not to love K.K. Dixie! With its cute cover and 3 interwoven tracks of musical adorableness, this Deep South ditty is surefire to warm your cockles! In addition ; perhaps it is the track’s simplicity, or maybe it is its electronic representation of traditional music. But something about this piece simply screams ‘8 Bit’ at me. A fact that helps elevate it further. Make sure this is part of your jukebox, K.K. fans!


8) K.K. Moody

Perhaps it was the album cover that drew me in, with its GTA Vice City-style sunset and eagle Pierce looking rather dapper in a trench-coat. Or perhaps it was the composition’s undeniable smoothness, but it didn’t take me long before I was hooked on K.K. Moody…


K.K. Moody is definetly one of my favourite album covers...

K.K. Moody definitely has one of my favorite album covers…


7) K.K. Waltz

Ah, the waltz. That most majestic, even imposing, of musical pieces. And the genre, as with many others, is captured here and given a pocket version that conveys every bit as much depth and realism as a full length set. It almost makes me want to buy a ballroom gown and hire the nearest hall! Fit for royalty.


6) K.K. Ragtime

I’ve always been a fan of the piano, and often feel that many music tracks these days don’t give enough emphasis to this wonderful instrument. I’m also a fan of fast music and, as is probably clear from an examination of my other choices here, I like uplifting tracks. Despite the speed of this piece there’s not a note wrong in this joyful ditty, and I must say it provides me with more than a smidgeon of deja vu of my favourite 8 bit Nintendo title ; Super Mario Bros 2.


5) K.K. Milonga

K.K Milonga is a track that is sometimes criticised by New Leaf players. It’s said that K.K. Slider fans who decide to choose a mood rather than a specific song find K.K. Milonga turning up more often than it should… that’s just heresay though!

I digress. I personally love K.K. Milonga. It has a deep and downright sexy pulse to it that makes it unique and unmistakable. Add to that the downright hilarious album cover (frog resident Diva trying to look seductive gets me every time!) and it’s clear to see why this track is one of my tops.


Players who unlock Club LOL are treated to K.K's DJ sets, which are clubby amalgamations of all his tracks, on weekday evenings

Players who unlock Club LOL are treated to K.K’s DJ sets, which are clubby amalgamations of all his tracks, on weekday evenings


4) K.K House

This track reminds me of back when I used to go clubbing regularly (the places myself and my friends frequented would only play House music). I feel like this piece really captures the uplifting and modern spirit of contemporary House music, as well as simply being a stonking track in general.


3) Comrade K.K.

Now, I have a degree and an A-Level in History. Both courses saw me studying the Cold War extensively. However, my studies were only ever conducted through the US and various East Asian players (such as Ho Chi Minh)’s point of view, I never studied it from a Russian perspective. And this is perhaps one of the reasons I love Comrade K.K. so much. It’s somewhat serious, somewhat cheeky, yet wholly jovial melody that goes someway to readdress the balance in the bias of my Cold War education thus far. If the tune is to be believed it goes to show that, despite everything, the Soviet soldiers probably did have their good times…


2) Steep Hill

Steep Hill really tells the listener a story… presumably of a steep hill! This story has many twists and turns, yet each one compliments the last so as to form a good, cohesive whole. Steep Hill is just so darn pretty to listen to, it’s no wonder its a firm favourite with many New Leaf players (if the HHA showcase homes I visit are anything to go by!)


1) K.K. Sonata

As soon as I heard the opening of this utterly gorgeous piece I knew I had to put it in my treasured Rococo room (Rococo is, for those uninitiated with Animal Crossing, a rather posh and bookish furniture set). The haunting chords, the breath-taking dips, the exquisite way the whole piece comes together… you can’t fault it.



So now you know mine, tell me ; what are your top K.K. Slider songs?

  • Ariadne says:

    Actually, K.K. Milonga is based a LOT off of Milonga del Luna by Astor Piazzola. Even its art is an imitation of the cover of Tango: Zero Hour.

    Okay, maybe not note for note, but it shares a lot of ideas. Listen to the whole album (Tango: Zero Hour) and listen to the song. It’s VERY similar.

  • Jeff S says:

    I would probably have these arranged differently and trade out Comrade K.K. for K.K. Cruisin’, but I really like this post! Also, Totaka didn’t compose the Zelda theme, the even more legendary Koji Kondo did. 🙂

  • Andrew says:

    >Not having Rockin’ K.K. on the list
    come on man

  • Tellury52 says:

    Wasn’t that Koji Kondo the one who composed Overworld Theme ( the legend of Zelda)?

  • nuffles says:

    My favorite k.k. slider song is called “k.k. house”. it seems really upbeat and happy inberrasmy opinon. at first when i heard it in Canberra’s house. i was like, “I NEED TO HAVE THIS SONG.” i didnt have a jukebox unitil the 23 this month. one of my friends jermaih gave me a jukebox for givving him a “perfict peach”. i didnt know that he would give me a jukebox though. ever since that day i have been really nice to jermiah. before i had the jukebox, my house had just ONE GAP that needed to be filled in. thanks to jermiah, its filled.

  • Sophie says:

    K.K Rider and K.K Condor are also very popular

  • Fox says:

    My Favorite Is My Place OR MY House I cant Remember 😛

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