3DS eShop releases for 22nd August

Its Monday and you know what that means: the latest eShop titles for the 3DS are here for release on Thursday and we have some goodies in store.

Nintendo eShop logo.

Nintendo eShop logo.

3DS eShop:

  • Boulder Dash-XL 3D (Reef Entertainment,  £4.49) – This follow up to the original 80’s game and which was previously released in retail is making it’s way to the eShop
  • Cut the Rope (Abylight, £4.49)- Originally a DSiWare release and before that on the iOS/Android, this port is for the 3DS so we mean see some 3D effects being implemented into this version.
  • Funfair Party Games (Joindots, £13.49 until 5th September, then £17.99 ) – With minigames, Mii support ,Multiplayer action and motion controls, this port of the well known funfair themed game will be like going to a funfair but within your own home.
  • Arc Style: Football 3D (Arc System Works, £4.49)
  • Fish On 3D (Agetec, £8.09) – Another addition to the fishing genre on the 3DS.
  • Carps & Dragons (Abylight, £4.49)

3DS Virtual Console:

  • Solomon’s Key (KOEI TECMO GAMES, £3.59) – This NES platformer/puzzler in which you have to get the key from the dungeon and avoid obstacles and enemies.

Well thats it for this week, Next week is the release of the long awaited Etrian Odyssey IV: Legend of the Titan.

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