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Super Mario Bros for NES sold for $660,000

If you think Super Mario 3D All Stars scalper prices are crazy? Then Sealed games can get more money on auctions than used games, especially if they are from multiple generations ago. But this sealed copy of Super Mario Bros …Continue reading →

Double Pug Switch Review

Developer: The Polygon Loft Publisher: Apriori Digital RRP: £6.99 This challenging platformer from Polygon Loft and Apriori Digital, puts the player as an adorable pug called Otis which has been trapped in another dimension by a mischievous cat …Continue reading →

Etrian Mystery Dungeon to be delisted from 3DS eShop

The title which was developed by Spike Chunsoft and Atlus, was a crossover between the Etrian Odyssey and Mystery Dungeon series is to be delisted from the 3DS eShop from the 30th September 2020. From NISAmerica’s twitter account. If you …Continue reading →

80’s Overdrive Review [Switch version]

Developer: Insane Code/ENSO RRP: £8.99 (Switch version) 80’s Overdrive from many glances is a shoutout to 8 bit/16 bit arcade racers. This game was originally on the Nintendo 3DS back in 2017. The Switch port polishes the game’s visuals to …Continue reading →

Random Heroes: Gold Edition Review

Developer: Woblyware Oy Publisher: Ratalaika Games RRP: £4.99 Random Heroes has been on many platforms, with the Nintendo Switch being the latest port in this alien/zombie 2D shooter. The story is simple enough, with the Earth being invaded by aliens …Continue reading →

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