3DS eShop releases for 4th July

Some Anime Brawling, Sonic Drifting and Other Game Gear Stuff

Another week of 3DS releases on eShop to look forward to:

Nintendo eShop logo.

Nintendo eShop logo.

3DS Retail Download:

  • Project X Zone (Namco Bandai, £27.99) – This Brawler/Tactical RPG which features over 200 characters from Namco Bandai, CAPCOM and SEGA, will please many fans of those companies and their series as they are put together in a plot involving comedy and fanservice. Fan favourites like Ryu, Ken, Jin Kazama and Ulala

3DS eShop

  • Dress to Play: Magic Bubbles! (EnjoyUp Games, £3.59) – This game involves dressing up your character in cute clothes and has a Puyo-Puyo based game to play as well.

3DS Virtual Console

  • Sonic Drift 2 (SEGA, £3.59) – Sonic was karting long before the All-Stars range back in the Game Gear with the sequel to the Japan Only Sonic Drift 1
  • Vampire: Master of Darkness (SEGA, £4.49) – This Castlevania clone involves the shadow of Dracula spreading over Victorian England
  • G-LOC: Air Battle (SEGA, £3.59) – This action/flying game involves killing enemy pilots and getting credits to upgrade your jet.

3DS Temporary Discount

  • Mighty Switch Force! (WayForward) – £3.59 (Ends July 11, normally £5.39), The sequel to this game came out last week, but for those of you still thinking whether to get the original, now is the right time as MSF is 33% off
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