Random Heroes: Gold Edition Review

Developer: Woblyware Oy

Publisher: Ratalaika Games

RRP: £4.99

Random Heroes has been on many platforms, with the Nintendo Switch being the latest port in this alien/zombie 2D shooter.

The story is simple enough, with the Earth being invaded by aliens and the heroes have to save the day by shooting them. The player starts out as one of the random heroes and by collecting coins and stars they can unlock more heroes and weapons. There are 3 stars to collect in each level (one for killing all the enemies, one for collecting all the coins and one for not taking any damage in the level.) Collecting coins can be a bit of a chore with the final weapon requiring 80,000 coins to collect.

There are 108 levels split into 9 worlds, The 12th level is a boss fight. The level design has similar colours and vibes despite being called different settings: city, sewers. The visuals are clean,  with enemies and items being easy to see, which helps with your objective. The background music is decent and fits the gameplay and thevibe of the game’s setting.

There are 28 random heroes as well as 24 weapons to unlock. Each hero has different strengths and weakness (more health, but less strength from weapons). While these can be some challenge to playing with characters of different stats, the strategy can be pretty much hold down the shoot button.

Random Heroes: Gold Edition is a game that does it’s job for it’s price and only that. After you complete the game and collect all the characters and weapons, there is very little reason to come back.


  • Decent price
  • Clean visuals
  • Music fits the environments.


  • Environments not diverse enough.
  • Gameplay can feel repetitive.

Final Score: 6/10

Ratalaika Games S.L were generous to provide 3DSBlessed a review code.

Screenshots came from the publisher’s official page.


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