Double Pug Switch Review

Developer: The Polygon Loft

Publisher: Apriori Digital

RRP: £6.99

This challenging platformer from Polygon Loft and Apriori Digital, puts the player as an adorable pug called Otis which has been trapped in another dimension by a mischievous cat called Whiskers. Otis has to find Whiskers and get them back to their dimension.

From the very beginning, the player is thrown into how the gameplay is – simple, but difficult, as there are no difficulty settings. Otis himself runs automatically, so there are only 2 buttons which are for jumping and to switch dimensions. Pressing or holding the jump button will change how high Otis jumps. But this can be frustrating as you will get confused on which you want to do as obstacles can come at a very fast pace, meaning you will need a fast reflex to avoid these obstacles. Switching dimensions are the other way to avoid obstacles, but even they are their own obstacles and traps, so alot of trial and error will be required to soldier on.

There are checkpoints in each level (usually 2 per level), so players will feel some relief when they pass these.

It would have been beneficial to have a skip level option after dying a set amount of times (at the cost of not getting the ending or not collecting coins.)

Double Pug Switch introduces new elements every few levels. Some levels have an automatic jump, and other levels will shrink Otis down to miniature pug size. Each element is combined in new ways as the game goes on, keeping you on your toes constantly.

There are 32 levels in Double Pug Switch, split into 4 worlds and having boss battles battling Whiskers.

There 2 types of collectibles in Double Pug Switch, gold coins and purple coins. The gold coins are, the more common of the two and can be found on the game’s paths. The purple coins on the other hand, are found in tight and difficult places, which will cause many deaths just trying to get those. Both types of coins can be used to buy Otis some hats, some of which are based on well known games.Credit to CustardTrout

The art style is sharp and cute (especially for pug lovers). The level backgrounds for each world have a main colour e.g. green for the jungle world/ orange for the alternate dimension. The music in Double Pug Switch is based on the level’s theme, but the soundtrack is not that unique and can become repetitive, as it restarts the music every time you die.


Double Pug Switch can be very difficult, despite it’s cartoonish look. For those that like challenging games such as Cubit and VVVVV, then Double Pug Switch will be a decent addition to that genre.


  • Great artstyle
  • Short levels
  • Simple Gameplay
  • Collectible Hats.


  • Jump button can be confusing (pressing or holding)
  • Some levels are brutal.
  • Only one difficult setting (Hard AF)

Final Score: 6.5/10

3DSBlessed thanks aPriori Digital for the Review Code.

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