Behold this extremely rare 3DS model.

There have been numerous limited editions of the 3DS and XL consoles, such as the Pikachu edition, Zelda edition and even a Monster Hunter edition plus many more that are exclusive to Japan.

But Nintendo of Taiwan, are releasing an limited edition model along with the latest Doraemon educational game: Doraemon: Nobita’s Number Adventure.

doraemon 3ds model

Even Shantae wasn’t this rare

But the catch is you cannot even purchase this model, but enter a Taiwanese-only competition in which there are only 5, yes I mean it five copies of this model. The game itself will be released in Taiwan on September 3rd.

Just imagine how much this would go for on eBay??


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  • helenbaby says:

    Makes sense. When I went to Taiwan I saw blooming Doraemon everywhere! Its a cute 3DS though, shame its in such limited supply…

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