BOXBOY! – Full Review

HAL Laboratory (famous for Kirby and Smash Bros) have brought a new puzzle platformer to the 3DS eShop in the form of BOXBOY!  Sit back and allow me to share my thoughts.

The main character “Qbby” (who is pretty much a small box with two eyes) is charged with the task of collecting crowns in this game. Using these he must use his special power (which is to create boxes and then detach them) to generate stairs, allowing him to solve puzzles and reach the exit. The number of boxes that can be created, plus how many can be used, varies from level to level, which encourages players to think of the most effective way to complete each level. Depending on whether you collected all the crowns in the level you are awarded with coins to spend in the shop where you can purchase challenges, techniques, or even costumes to customise your character.


The BOXBOY! logo

The BOXBOY! logo


While the game starts out easy it does start to get challenging from World 5 onwards. A nice feature is the hint system which costs 1 Play Coin. Occasional tutorial videos play which you reach certain puzzles in the background of some levels, but BoxBoy never outright reveals the solution of a level, encouraging players to either figure it out or use a hint coin.

If you’re stuck you can reset to a checkpoint by pressing the L and R Buttons. Some of the puzzles appear really difficult at first glance, but once you figure them out you will kick yourself for not seeing it at the start. The graphics and background are monochrome which may put some off, but you can customise you character by making it a ninja or a professor so the levels do have their cheer.


The graphics are basic but not without charm....

The graphics are basic but not without charm….


The music is immersive and fits well with the action, though it often fades into the background, which isn’t a bad thing. It is a tad on the generic side though. The in-game shop allows you to purchase more music so there’s loads to listen to.

It takes about 5 hours to complete the main puzzles, but the unlockable time attack, score attack, and bonus levels amount to a few more hours of content for fans of the game. It is suitable to play in short bursts as the puzzles tend to be quite short.


BOXBOY!, despite it’s simple look, is a challenging game which will make you use your brain and maybe your play coins if you want to complete its 100+ levels. Another Gem from HAL Laboratory


  • Over 100 Levels.
  • Loads of replay value.
  • Customisation from the shop.


  • Music is somewhat generic.

Final Score:  8/10




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