Dragonball Fusions US version is censored

The latest Dragonball game to hit the 3DS, Dragonball Fusions was discovered to have some censorship in the US copy of the game. The main censorship in question is Future Trunks’ sword being replaced with a long wooden stick. Some have solely blamed Nintendo for this, but according to Censored Gaming (A Youtube channel) the decision was made by both Nintendo of America and Bandai Namco.

Strange is that Nintendo’s Zelda series has Link carry and use a sword, yet that gets a PEGI 7 (E10+ rating in America) for most games.

The European release of Dragonball Fusions is coming on February 2017 and is yet unknown if that will have the same censorship as the American version saying that is up to Bandai Namco’s European division.


Follow Censored Gaming Youtube page for more videos: Censored Gaming

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