EAG Expo 2020 Arcade Roundup at EXCEL London

Again, we attended the Entertainment, Amusement, and Gaming Expo (EAG Expo) in London’s EXCEL centre. The event is made up of arcade and gambling machines for advertising (mostly the latter), but there were plenty of arcade games to be played. Various companies such as SEGA Amusements, Bandai Namco and RAW Thrills had their arcade cabinets on show for consumers and players alike to try out.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games 2020 Arcade Edition – SEGA Amusements:

Based on the Nintendo Switch version of the game, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, SEGA Amusements have made the game into an arcade format, with buttons and jump pods giving players the ability to run, jump and bash the buttons to perform moves like they were actually participating in these events. The arcade doesn’t have as many events as the Switch version does, but has the events which are the most interactive e.g. 100m, gymnastics and rugby sevens.In each events, players have to reach a target score or time in order to advance to the next stage. Failing that means have to play the event again, albeit on a easier target score.

In the story mode, there are 6 events to play through with breaks in between events 2 and 3, in which players can choose from 4 of the retro “1964” events in 8/16 Bit designs of the characters. This is a nice way for players to ease up before the next event.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympics Arcade is a great alternative to the Switch version, and will be a hit among children and adults alike.

Space Invaders Frenzy:

Raw Thrills have adapted the arcade classic with seating, mount guns and a large pixel screen to enhance the experience of the original game.

Players use the mount guns to aim at the aliens and UFOs to shoot like the original, while protecting your defense bunkers at the bottom. Frenzy adds other features such as having bombs bounce all over the screen, which shooting causes an explosion to take out the enemies. This version is  The booth at EAG was non-redemption (which means no tickets to win), but there is a redemption version for buyers to purchase.

Ultra Moto VR – Universal Space

Ultra Moto VR allows players to race up to 24 tracks and customise their motorcycles with 12 sets. The gameplay, while enjoyable isn’t the most unique factor in this game, but the physical specification of the machine.

This VR motorcycling game has motion based platforms and wind jet, which blows air into the user’s face to make them feel like they are actually racing on the track. The VR headset is optional has there are 43 inch screens to view the game on instead, however the VR headset does have the added bonus of getting the most out of this game. I was told that 4 units (Each unit having 2 motorcycles) can be linked up so up to 8 players can race at a time.

EAG Expo 2021 details have not been announced as of yet.

Check out EAG Expo’s website on http://www.eagexpo.com/

Or follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/eagexpo

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