EGX17 Rezzed/Indie Roundup

While Rezzed has it’s own convention during March/April, it still makes a presence at it’s bigger brother’s EGX (Eurogamer Expo) convention with it’s selection of indie games on all platforms even the newest console the Nintendo Switch. Following Nintendo’s range of games at EGX Rezzed 17, they had more indie games to show at EGX17 at their own booth.

Huntdown by East Trigger/Coffee Stain.

One of the Rezzed games I enjoyed the most was Huntdown which at the surface does what it says and that is being a 1980s style 2D shooter set in “the future” taking influences from films such as The Terminator, The Warriors and Robocop.

The characters you choose are bounty hunters who are suppose to clean the streets of gang members who will stop at nothing to stop you. This game is merciless in that enemies take several hits to die despite having loads of ammo and health lying around the levels. Also you can hold one weapon at a time so you have to choose between a pistol or a shotgun for example. If one of the characters dies then you have to revive them within a time limit and considering you only get one life it’s game over if you fail.

I had the chance to play co-op with one of the workers at the EGX booth who I spoke to briefly about the game and it’s features and most importantly help me to clean the streets of Mayhem of gangs.

Huntdown will be available for Nintendo Switch,PC, PS4 & XBOX ONE.

Rogue Trooper Redux by Rebellion

Rogue Trooper which was released back in 2006 back on the PS2 and had a niche following mostly from fans of the comic. 11 years later Rebellion have remastered it for release for Switch, PS4, PC and Xbox One. The version I played was on the Switch at Nintendo’s Rezzed booth.

At first you may think it is a clone of the Army Men games with the soldiers being blue instead of green, but it is a much more serious game. In this third-person shooter, the protagonists are the Genetic Infantrymen, or GI’s, the blue clone soldiers made for battle. And you are fighting against the Nort Empire who are set on their destruction.

The demo starts with a cutscene and then puts us straight into battle and leads us on how to change weapons and the different types of gameplay from shooting to controlling turrets. Since this game originally came before the Call of Duty/battlefield era of multiplayer shooters so it feels like playing a history lesson.  The demo was short but had enough content to show what to expect from this remake.

Rogue Trooper Redux will be released in October 2017 (PS4, PC and XB1 and TBC for Switch)

Dimension Drive by 2Awesome Studio

This space shooter is split in two screens, they might seem like they feature the same thing, but they do not. The overall layout of obstacles, enemy placement, power-ups — almost everything is different. This includes attack patterns as well as attacking enemies and bosses.

Your ship can teleport between the two screens at the same spot, for example your ship is on the left screen, then the pink spot on the right screen is in the adjective spot as your ship and vice versa if you teleport. The teleport feature is handy if there is a upcoming laser or a path blocked and you can then switch back and forth quickly.

One unique mechanic is that every time you shoot, you lose energy and have to wait for it to recharge on the side your ship is on, which puts a good deal of challenge into the game, as it prevents people from spamming shots all over the screen.

Dimension Drive is available on Steam as an Early Access Title and the full version is expect for release for PC and Switch in late 2017/early 2018.

Super Meat Boy Forever by Team Meat

The sequel to the quirky yet violent Super Meat Boy made it’s appearance at EGX17. The sequel goes on the endless runner genre similar to Sonic Run and Temple Run, so you just need to focus on jumping at the right time to avoid the numerous obstacles like chainsaws and punching enemies in your way. In the full game once a level is completed, it re-generates into a harder version so it’s like a different level all together.

The sequel allows you to play as Meat Boy and his wife Bandage Girl and Dr Fetus (not a real doctor) kidnaps their baby Nugget and they must work together to rescue their baby. There are only two buttons to use in the Switch version which is for jumping and sliding. Pressing the jump button in mid-air gives Meat Boy/Bandage Girl the opportunity to attack enemies and holding the slide button make them perform a dive.

Super Meat Boy will be on Switch, PS4. XB1. PC. iOS and Android in 2018.

Hyper Sentinel by Four5Six Pixel/Huey

This game was in the Tentacle Collective part of EGX and the developers had the game playable on PC and Switch. Hyper Sentinel is a retro-ish shooter which has the vibe of 1980s games such as Uridium and yet the graphics look great on HD and on the Switch’s screen.

Hyper Sentinel’s game play is quick-paced and action packed. Each level is limited in space and filled with enemies, power ups and points. One of the modes we tried was Arcade mode. The objective in general is to destroy all the ground elements of an enemy base and building the points modifier which multiplies your points scored up to 32x . After destorying all the base’s monster, a guardian/boss is revealed, effectively a challenging boss battle to defeat quickly and effectively.

As part of the Kickstarter goals, there will be the option of having the graphics changed to CRT, C64 and ZX Spectrum making it look like an actual 1980s game.

Hyper Sentinel is expected to be released in 2018 for PC, PS4, XBOX ONE and Switch, with iOS and Android versions coming out after.

The next dates for Rezzed is 13th April to 15th April 2018

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