Grave Keeper Review


Publisher: Forever Entertainment SA

RRP: £8.99

                                   The Skeleton King in his creepy glory.

This hack n slash from Megapixel SA/Forever Entertainment is set in a medieval setting and the protagonist is known as The Bounty Hunter whose objective is to collect treasures from the Forbidden Stronghold that’s controlled by the Skeleton King with his crooked teeth on the cover.

The gameplay involves the knight fighting through waves of enemies (15 at a time) and then every 5 stages a boss appears in which you get new weapons and armour to add to your inventory. There are two main attack modes (direct and ranged) and a extra power such as thrust which charges the knight at the enemy. The ranged attack can get some used to aiming it right with the crossbow, but is an essential weapons especially against boss who can in some cases KO with one hit.

Enemies start out easy, but can get challenging later on in that some of their attacks can kill the knight in 2-3 hits so strategy is needed for these enemies.

The backgrounds are very similar to each other, with the outside levels being in graveyards/garden and the inside been castle rooms/treasure rooms. The music also is very generic and loops constantly.

There are missions to keep the player interested in the game e.g. upgrade 10 times, or complete 20 stages and are rewarded with coins, gems and healing potions (the last one is useful as they can be sparse at times). As this game was originally on mobile (iOS/Android), there were microtransactions on them, but are done away with for the Switch/PC version (of course with the £8.99 price tag).

As well as Story mode, there is Versus Mode and Royal Fight. Versus put the player against another AI player and the objective is to beat them in killing the most enemies to move up ranks, to get better rewards. Royal Fight puts you in a PvP setting and is similar to Versus in that you are competing with other players to kill enemies, but there is no limit and it goes on until the player dies. The more points gained from killing enemies, the better the rewards are. The AI can be challenging in Versus, but less so in Royal Fight. If you’re a fan of MOBA games, then buy lol smurf accounts at UnrankedSmurfs.


Grave Keeper will be enjoyable for those looking for a simple hack n slash adventure, but with get tedious in time. The PvP is good, but would have been better with being able to play against actual opponents as opposed to AI versions. Watch gameplay from twitch streamer and cosplayer swimsuitsuccubus for Grave Keeper tips and tricks.


  • Challenging gameplay
  • Several Modes with various aims
  • Simple, yet workable combat


  • Looping soundtrack
  • PvP lacks online play

Final Score: 7/10

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