Hyper Japan 2015 3DS Round-up

Me and HelenBaby had the opportunity to go to Hyper Japan 2015, which was located in London’s O2 Arena (formerly the Millennium Dome).  The gaming section contained loads of games from Nintendo 3DS/Wii U, Bandai Namco and even the Heart of Gaming (HoG) had some of their arcade machines for play at the event. We had the opportunity to play these games, some of which were announced during E3 last month.

Please bare in mind these are not full reviews as it’s hard to give a full opinion on these games with 10-15 minutes of gameplay, plus the fact that they are still in development.


Zelda Triforce Heroes:


Work together with 2 friends to solve puzzles in the new Zelda Triforce Heroes

Work together with 2 friends to solve puzzles in the new Zelda Triforce Heroes


This game looks and plays like Four Swords/Adventures, which itself was the first multiplayer Zelda game. Triforce Heroes is a 3-player game. The visuals are based on the Zelda Wind Waker title on the Gamecube, hence more cutesy than the standard Zelda games.

The players start by each picking a weapon from a selection of those required for the stage entered. In typical Zelda style these are used to help solve puzzles. For example ; two players may need bombs, while the third will need a bow to hit switches from a distance. Another aspect is that each of the players can become a totem pole. This is required both to reach high platforms and to defeat some of the boss characters. This can be plain sailing or a pallaver depending on the co-operation between players.

There were 4 levels playable in the demo. When each of the players has selected their desired levels, the game chooses at random which level to be played. This is similar to Mario Kart 7.

Zelda Triforce Heroes is expected to be released in late 2015.


Project X Zone 2


All the combos! Project X Zone is back...

All the combos! Project X Zone is back…


The sequel to Project X Zone, which features characters from Bandai Namco/Capcom/SEGA, returns with various characters defending the planet from enemies from the same franchises. The gameplay feels exactly like the last game ; you are placed on a grid and can move to any spot within your movement range. You can attack enemies which enters you into a battle scene where you can perform different combos. This isn’t a bad thing if you were a fan of the original although for those put off by the system this isn’t going to change their mind.  There are some new characters in the roster, such as Kazuma Kiryu & Goro Majima from Yakuza, which were playable in this demo.

Project X Zone 2 is set to be released on November 12 2015 in Japan and in early 2016 in both Europe and North America.


Chibi Robo Zip Lash


Chibi-Robo!™ Zip Lash is a fresh take on a niche franchise

Chibi-Robo!™ Zip Lash is a fresh take on a niche franchise


Chibi Robo is one of the more rare titles in the Nintendo library and, as such, hasn’t had as much success as other franchises.  Despite this there have been 4 Chibi Robo titles. Zip Lash is the fifth game of the series and is the first to be a 2D platformer.

There were five playable levels in the demo, the first being a tutorial on the game’s mechanics. The core gameplay in Zip Lash is entirely unique to this game. This game has some 3D elements, but the layout of the levels is very much left to right on a single plane. By using the X Button, the tiny robot can use his Whip Lash attack, sending his cord straight ahead or at a 45 degree angle upwards. On the way you can collect pieces of rubbish, which itself was a main feature in the Gamecube original and is expected to have more of a feature in the full game.

Chibi Robo: Zip Lash is expected to be released in November 2015.


Rodea the Sky Soldier


Rodea the Sky Soldier gives Cyburn happy memories of NiGHTS into Dreams (which we considered as a 3DS port here)

Rodea the Sky Soldier gives Cyburn happy memories of NiGHTS into Dreams (which we considered as a 3DS port here)


Yuji Naka from SEGA and NIS America teamed up to produce this game, which is an action platform game that heavily involves flying. The gameplay feels a lot like NIGHTS in which you fly around a stage filled with loops. But in this game you control a circle in which Rodea (the protagonist) flies to like a ring or an obstacle to destroy.

The controls were quite difficult to get a hold off as the Y button pushes you up in the air, while the A button only pushes you further up if you’re already in the air, which seems unnecessary. You can’t  attack enemies while you’re standing on the ground with a punch or anything, hence I died quite a few times. The camera doesn’t help, which again caused me to die a few times.

Rodea the Sky Soldier will be released in October 2015.


DBZ Extreme Butoden


DBZ Extreme Butoden looks set for an October release...

DBZ Extreme Butoden looks set for an October release…


The latest game based on the well-known Dragonball Z franchise is based on the SNES Butoden series, which were 2D fighting games only released in Japan and certain European countries. Extreme Butoden runs a 2D engine based with 3D Backgrounds.

You choose from 5 characters (there will be at least 20 in the full game) to form a team of three, and you are able to switch characters in battle similar to Tekken Tag. In addition there are support characters which help you with special attacks. Most of the time I was button mashing, but players familiar with the genre will, ofcourse, be able to use the precise combos to get the best attacks.

DBZ Extreme Butoden will be released on 16th October in Europe and 20th October in America. There are rumours there could be a DBZ Extreme Butoden at the next StreetPass London event…


Hyper Japan Official Website : http://hyperjapan.co.uk/

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