Legend of Kusakari hits the eShop on 25th August

Librage and Nnooo will be releasing The Legend of Kusakari onto the 3DS at the end of August.

Legend of Kusakari LogoThis game has gotten alot of ridicule for being a “Zelda knockoff” with it’s very similar setting and the grass especially since in this game your objective is to cut the grass so that the other warriors can attack the monsters.

legendofkusakari screen

Grass cutting in Hy.. Clonerule.

Those interested in America, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand can find The Legend of Kusakari on their respective eShops starting on August 25th. Pricing will be set at $4.99 (US), €4.99 (EUR), £3.99 (UK), $6.99 (AUS), and $7.99 (NZ).

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