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Whether you pronounce it ‘game’ or ‘jee-eh-em-ee’ (well, perhaps the latter is just me…) you nevertheless must give the national video game chain store GAME credit. Surviving both the general demise of high street gaming outlets throughout the country in recent times and, indeed, it’s own death (delighting the zombie fans among the gaming community no doubt!) GAME still stands strong and proud among the various shopping districts across the nation. I’ve always been a big fan of GAME, appreciating it’s killer deals mixed with an enthusiastic community spirit on the shopfloor. Heck, it’s the only store I have a loyalty card for! I’ve also been blessed that the staff, both in my current local branch and my previous, are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and friendly. The remainder of this article will be a slightly bloggy discussion on why I love my local GAME (past and present) before inviting you, the reader, to share why you love your local branch.


A sight for sore eyes after a weary day traipsing the high street!

A sight for sore eyes after a weary day traipsing the high street!


Between 1989 and last month I lived in North London. More or less grew up in Islington, spent most of my 20s in Haringey, and also spent short stints in King’s Cross and Palmer’s Green. Throughout this period my most significant high street was always Wood Green, and this is deeply reflected in my history as a gamer who may have played 홈카지노.

As I grew, I started to play with Board Game Card Sleeves to help improve my strategy. That trip to Shekhana : World of Games in 1992 with my dad to get my first handheld console, the awesome Game Boy (my First Holy Communion present) was one of the best days of my life. Another was my 10th birthday, when I went to Toys r Us, N22 with my mum and little sister to collect a shiney new Megadrive, complete with Sonic 2! There have been too many significant gaming moments involving Wood Green for me to list them all (although I will add one more… I actually bought my first ever DS as an impulse buy from their Woolworths during my Freshman year at University!).

Oh, how the gaming landscape has changed throughout that time on that very high street. Shekhana, Toys r Us, Woolworths? All gone now. Gamestation, Awesome Games, HMV? Sayonara. Sure you still have that slightly random place upstairs in the Mall, good old Argos and even a small selection of games available in Morrisons. But the one gaming store that remains that most graces my veritable gaming heart is the wonderful Wood Green branch of GAME! Graced with some of the friendliest staff you will meet in any store ever. GAME Wood Green is a wonderful place to stop by, have a chat and browse some bargains. I’ve nabbed some absolute steals for my 3DS in there over the years (including Super Pokemon Rumble for £15, which remains one of my top 3 most-played 3DS games ever, a charger for £2, and a metallic case for my standard 3DS for just £1!). The staff there are all gaming experts to boot, although I must warn you that, while they all have a good general knowledge across the board, each one has their area of expertise. Iain, for example, will be the go-to person for most of you as he has a vast knowledge of the 3DS and its library. Then you have Daniel who’s the don when it comes to all things Sony. Whatever your poison you will no doubt find someone in store to expertly assist!


Hamleys is the oldest and largest toy shop in the world, and also happens to play host to it's own rather awesome branch of GAME!

Hamleys is the oldest and largest toy shop in the world, and also happens to play host to it’s own rather awesome branch of GAME!


I recently moved to sunny Westminster. Hence GAME @ Hamleys is my new local branch! The Hamleys branch is an entertaining one. Like GAME Wood Green they’ve got plenty of games playable on the shop floor.. Interestingly these include a 3DS XL and 2DS, running demos of Mario Golf and the new Kirby title. I suppose you could say they are rather 3DS-Blessed! (Or, again, maybe that’s something only I would say!)

Rob (who used to be among the Wood Green team of awesome) happens to be a manager there to boot. It’s perhaps of no surprise that he’s as friendly and patient as ever ; if you can whether the harsh Wood Green retail climate and maintain a smile you could probably do so anywhere!

In addition ; GAME @ Hamleys has a bit of a reputation for being a ‘go-to’ branch for gaming companies (which is understandable given its central London location!). Those keen on a spot of gaming industry networking could do worse things with their time than spending it loitering here ;).


The rugged jocks at GAME Wood Green. Hamleys Rob also happens to be on the far right

The rugged jocks at GAME Wood Green. Hamleys Rob is there too, on the far right


So. These are my local GAME branches, and now you know why I love them. However, as I mentioned earlier ; I want to hear about -your- local branch of GAME and what makes it so special. Let us fill the heavens with praise for our enduring High Street Angel!


  • Whistler says:

    Sadly my local GAME stores in and around Glasgow aren’t all that great, most of the time the staff don’t really know much about gaming and aren’t really all that fun to talk to.
    I miss my local shop I went to in Aus as the staff we awesome as I remember they’d bring up conversations with myself when looking at certain games or cards and even honestly told me they’re thoughts on games and saved me buying a couple of horrible ps3 games XD

    • helenbaby says:

      You used to live in Australia?
      Sorry to hear you’ve had bad experiences with your local branches =S

      • Whistler says:

        Yeah for 7 years, but sunny Scotland brought me back 😛
        I don’t know what it is but just in general GAME seem to mostly hire people who don’t have a clue and GAME is Australia was awful, overpriced and very rarely had good deals in, even G-force these days isn’t all that good.

  • nintyfandavid says:

    My store of choice is Game in Kingston as I find their gaming knowledge to be brilliant and is the first Game store where I’ve spoken to staff extensively to actually know about Nintendo consoles/games. I have had problems with the company in the past as I actually often helped customers in my old stores in Wandsworth and Wimbledon as the staff were giving them incorrect information, which sometimes led to staff giving me dirty looks (hence my admiration for the staff in Kingston). I also like the Hamleys store even though I do find it quite small/cramped and is why I was sad when the Oxford street branch closed. I have had problems within the Hamleys store which were rectified by staff members and so they are also the second store I recommend.

  • Cyburn says:

    I always preferred Gamestation more, as I felt GAME was marketed towards the casual gamers and FIFA players in its range. Like there would have a small aisle for most games [preowned mostly] , but a huge selection of Wii titles which half of them were shovelware.

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