Mario Kart comes to VR

For those that have played Mario Kart Arcade or Mario Kart in general will be pleased to know that the previously Japan exclusive Mario Kart Arcade VR will be coming to the UK from the 3rd August at the Hollywood Bowl in London’s The O2 (formerly the Millennium Dome) in Greenwich.

The VR headset used is the HTC Vive. Each player wears a headset and headphones, and wraps a pair of hand trackers – knobbly plastic devices with Velcro straps – around their wrists. The game starts and you are plunged into the Mario Kart world, with Lakitu hanging on his cloud ready to count down to the start of the race. The hand trackers are used to grab the items (green turtle shells, banana skins and giant hammers). Raising your hand over the virtual item picks it up, and you can then physically fling it towards your opponents, with the tracking technology translating your real-life actions into the VR world.

The prices are £7.99 per person (or £24.99 for a group of four) and lasts for one track (4-5 minutes). There are plans to have Mario Kart VR in Tunbridge Wells and Leeds later on.


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