More Awesome Pokémon Downloads In GAME @ Hamleys

If you play Pokémon X/Y and can make your way down to GAME @ Hamleys within the coming month you can download yourself some treats! The formidable ghost Pokémon Shiny Gengar (complete with Gengarite so you can turn him into the even more formidable Mega Gengar) is currently available in store (just in time for Halloween!), and will remain so until November 5th. It is also currently possible to nab a code instore for the much-anticipated Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire demo.

Perhaps the most exciting of the give-aways, however, arrives on October 27th. The Pokédex-expanding Diancie (who is not legally obtainable right now, unless you are fortunate enough to have a very generous friend in Japan) is on its way! Diancie will raise the Pokédex from 718 to 719, a feat which makes those of us nerdy enough to obtain the full 6th gen Pokédex delirious with joy (look, don’t judge me, Ok?). Diancie will be available up until November the 16th and, quite awesomely, also comes with its Mega Evolution stone. Although, unlike Shiny Gengar, you’ll have to transfer this one to a full copy of Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire if you want to experience it in its Mega form.


GAME @ Hamleys is looking lonely... why not go keep it company, and nab some Pokémon goodies while you're at it!

GAME @ Hamleys is looking lonely… why not go keep it company, and nab some Pokémon goodies while you’re at it!


So do be sure to pop down to GAME @ Hamleys between now and November 16th. And please mention that you found out about the promotion on 3DSBlessed (they know who we are!)

Here is their address :
188-196 Regent Street

You can also follow them on Twitter here :

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