Mr Blaster Review

Publisher: Forever Entertainment SA

Developer: Ei Games

RRP: £1.79

Mr Blaster puts you and an opponent on two different planets and they duel it out throwing weapons at each other. There are only 2 modes of play in Mr Blaster: Player vs CPU or Player vs Player

Players start out with a spaceman and by winning battles they can win stars to unlock characters which have their own unique weapon e.g. The Spaceman has the shield and Zeus has his lighting strikes.

On the planets there are satellites orbiting around that can block your weapon from hitting your target giving the game some challenge.



The developers and publisher say that Mr Blaster is partially inspired by Worms, but unlike Worms players cannot move their characters so it feels very limited. Also, the gameplay is turn based on that one the player has had their shot at the enemy, it is then the enemies’ turn afterwards and so on until one of them is defeated. On single player this can feel limited, although co-op mode will be more exciting will actual human input.

Mr Blaster does the job for it’s price and while fun will be had in co-op mode, single player can feel tedious in unlocking characters with the star system. I would have been nice to have larger planets and the ability to move around to make it more unique.


  • Good for local co-op action
  • Cheap price


  • Not many options to play with.
  • Takes a long time to unlock new characters

Final Score: 5/10

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