Mutant Mudds Super Challenge – Full Review

Renegade Kid released the original Mutant Mudds back in 2012 for the 3DS (and later on the Wii U as well as the PS3 and PS4). Super Challenge continues the story where the original left off ; with our protagonist Max trying to find out where the Mutant Mudds are coming from. This is not Mutant Mudds 2 but more like Mutant Mudds: The Lost Levels.

As Renegade Kid have stated previously this game is hard and designed to be as such. Hence fans of the original game and those into challenging games in general will be interested to see how much harder Super Challenge is.

The gameplay is pretty much like the original in which you walk/run, jump and shoot enemies throughout the game’s 45 levels. Each third level in the game (Level 1-3, 2-3 etc…) is a ghost level where you have to use a special gun containing limited ammo (that can only be acquired in that level) to temporarily dispose of the ghost. The secret levels G-Land and V-Land (with backgrounds based on the Original Game Boy and Virtual Boy consoles) make a welcome return to Super Challenge.

The 'Mutant Mudds Super Challenge' logo

The ‘Mutant Mudds Super Challenge’ logo

One of the things that stands out in Super Challenge is the level design. They are specifically designed to test your skill and patience (examples include jumping over spikes and shooting enemies when hovering). There are checkpoints in the middle of each level which gives players some relief, considering they will probably die a few times before reaching the end. When you do finish a level you really feel a sense of accomplishment as you collect that big diamond at the end.

The items are the same as in the previous in which Max has 3 powerups to use but can only use one at a time. These consist of the Power-Shot, Extended Hover and Vertical Boost. Unlike in the original where you had to collect golden diamonds to unlock these power-ups you, mercifully, get these at the start of Super Challenge. The 100 golden diamonds in each level and secret level are harder to find than in the original as some of them are hidden behind hollow walls. Another thing to look for are secret characters. If you are lucky enough to find them you can play as them when you choose your save file at the start of the game.

One of the new features are the boss battles. These make the standard levels (which, as we’ve covered, can be very difficult themselves) look easy in comparison. The boss levels can only be accessed if you get all the golden diamonds in the normal and the secret levels of that world. Personally I found even the first boss alone to be brutal due to the limited space to move around in. When you defeat a boss you unlock one of the five world levels in the background hub. Another feature is the death meter which tracks how many times you have died. It even shows up when you load your save life so you will always know of your fails.

Our hero Max once again traverses through a host of prettiful retro levels

Our hero Max once again traverses through a host of prettiful retro levels

The graphics keep the same retro style as its predecessor, which is not a complaint as the game looks great! This is especially true when using the 3D effect as it really shows the contrast between the back and front platforms and the sprites, level obstacles and backgrounds. The music, like the last game, is upbeat and retro influenced. During the game itself you can collect CDs alongside the diamonds, which you can use to play the tracks in the jukebox room on the world hub from both Super Challenge and the original, providing great replay value.


Mutant Mudds Super Challenge isn’t just a bunch of new levels as some may feel, but a new way to play the game. A must-buy for Mutant Mudds fans and platformer fans who like a challenge especially if you own both a 3DS and a Wii U (as you get it for free on one if you buy the title for the other)

Score: 8.5/10

[Renegade Kid provided 3DSBlessed with a review copy.]

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