New 3DS models details [Updated 16/1/15]

Yesterday at the Nintendo Direct stream, it was announced that the new 3DS and 3DS XL models would be released in Europe on the 13th February. Here are a few details on the features and predicted pricing for these models:


new 3ds models

  • Improved 3D screen and viewing angles.
  • Faster loading times for certain games (Super Smash Bros)
  • Extra buttons (C-stick, ZL/ZR buttons) great for games like Monster Hunter
  • NFC/Amiibo support
  • US 3DS XL price is $199.99 and isn’t gettting the standard model at the moment.
  • UPDATE: Nintendo UK Store and GAME have the new 3DS and new 3DS XL priced at £149.99 and £179.99 respectively

Here is the Nintendo Direct EU stream

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