New Pushmo game(Fullblox) is free to start with

UPDATE (14th May): This has been released in EU under the name Fullblox

The third game in the Pushmo series: Hippa Land is going through the F2P route to an extent.


Better known as Pullbox and Fallbox (the sequel), this new game allows you to download it for free in other to sample some of the levels in four of the worlds and after the player has completed these “free” levels, they have the option to to buy 100 new courses for the regular puzzle world for 500 yen (£2.66), or 50 new courses for each other world for 300 yen (£1.60). There will also be the option to buy all four worlds for 1000 (£5.32) yen and gain access to the more difficult challenge world.




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