Nintendo Switch Presentation summary: Price, Specs and more

Nintendo had the Switch Presentation at 4am (UK time) so all the early risers watched the stream live using a platform similar to what go live sydney offers. Nintendo announced the features of the upcoming Switch console and the games that would be on it either at launch or within 2017. The Switch will launch on 3rd March 2017 in most territories.

Make the Switch.

The price of the Switch will be £279.99 in the UK (as opposed to $299.99 or ¥29,980). This has disappointed some people as previous predictions ranged from £200-250, with some people blaming outside factors such as Brexit, US elections and the exchange rates being the reasons for it’s high price.

The Switch console will come with the dock, L and R Joy-Con controllers, Joy-Con wrist straps, the Joy-Con grip, a HDMI cable and an AC adaptor. The L and R Joy-Con controllers themselves will come in two different colours (the standard grey and blue/red) at launch.The Joy-Con controller set will cost £74.99 and the individual L and R controllers will cost £42.99 if you’re looking to buy additional controllers.

Also like the Wii/Wii U there is a Pro controller coming out for the Switch which will be sold separately at £64.99.

The Switch will have 32GB of internal memory with the ability to expand by using microSDXC (up to 256GB) which is welcoming considering the Wii U maxed out at 32GB. The games will be on cartridges as opposed to optical media(discs) which are inserted at the back of the Switch console. The Switch can output to 720p when playing on the touchscreen and up to 1080p on a television when in the Switch dock.

Nintendo will be introducing a subscription to play online for the Switch, bringing it alongside PSN and Xbox Live although the pricing as yet to be confirmed. Despite this  gamers will be able to play for free until autumn 2017 presumably as goodwill.

The games announced ranged from Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda: Breath of the Wild to the likes of 1,2, Switch and Arms. No word on the Virtual Console although earlier reports stated that Gamecube games would be on the VC for Switch.

Watch the presentation here (starts from around 33 minute mark)


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