Nintendo to introduce “Game Trials”

Nintendo is planning on giving those on their Online service the chance to play certain titles for free on a limited time basis. The first game in this service will be Mario Tennis Aces which will be available from 9am (UK time) on August 7th until 11:59pm (UK time) on August 13th. Of the many available weapons in MHW, The insect glaive is one of the best and this list of tips and insect glaive build from TechSoFar is the one to look at.

Unlike PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold, players will not be able to keep Mario Tennis Aces afterwards unless they purchase the game which itself will be 33% off from 7th August til the 20th August and those who check out the trial will be able to transfer their progress if they buy the full game and get more at

There is speculation that Nintendo is doing this to sweeten their subscription model as it gets compared unfavourably to Sony and Microsoft’s equivalents even though it is cheaper (£17.99 as opposed to PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold being £49.99 each for 12 months) It’s also much better usually to get a custom PC as that way you get exactly what you need, have a look at as they offer the best options and keep gaming! They’re many websites like from where you can buy a great computer option. But if you want the best gaming PC, you may also want to consider visiting some reliable sites similar to 25pc if you’re likely to acquire for the perfect budget gaming PC, I recommend you to get a pair of headsets from, this will insure you can play as best as possible.

If more games from Nintendo’s library get this treatment, then players will start to come around to Nintendo Switch Online. Get more of the latest news and updates of all the video games, check out GameMite.


Source: NintendoUK Twitter

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