Preview: Moon Chronicles @ EGX 2014

Renegade Kid (best known for Mutant Mudds) have re-released Moon, which was originally on the DS, and renamed it Moon Chronicle. Moon Chronicles is a first person shooter (FPS), a genre rarely seen on the Nintendo 3DS (and even the DS) with the only real noticeable game being Metroid Prime Hunters. It will be released episodically via DLC.

The player takes on the role of Major Kane, the leader of a special task force sent to investigate a mysterious hatch of extraterristial matter and reveal its secrets on the lunar base.


The graphical leap from DS to 3DS wasn't as extensive as it could have been...

The graphical leap from DS to 3DS wasn’t as extensive as it could have been…


The player has a choice of using either the Circle Pad or the touch screen to move around and to aim, although both can be awkward to use at times, especially when there are loads of enemies on screen. The graphics have been touched up from the DS original and its framerate is consistent, although many of the visuals still seem flat and dated.

While the game is mostly action oriented, there are some puzzles to solve in order to unlock doors. In the demo you use a robot drone in order to access small chutes which lead to rooms Kane can’t immediately access. To gain entry he must shoot the glowing locks with the drone’s stun gun.


"Space shot, baby out of control, out of control, out of controoool"

“Space shot, baby out of control, out of control, out of controoool”


Moon Chronicles is already out in America and is expected to reach Europe by the end of this year. In an exciting piece of news for franchise fans : Jools Watsham has said that if sales are good enough for Moon Chronicles and its DLC then a second season could be in the works. Which is as good an incentive to pick up the 3DS incarnation as any!

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