Preview: Terraria @ EGX 2015

Terraria, like Minecraft, is a game concerned with exploration, building, and action. One of the differences between the two is that Terraria is in 2D, whereas Minecraft is in 3D. The game has been released on various consoles and formats since its original 2011 release. The 3DS and the Wii U are the latest consoles to get the game.

The game features the protagonist travelling through this sandbox game. He goes through different types of settings, from woodland to the deep underground, along the way. As well as collecting resources, the player must battle with creatures with weapons


Terraria logo

Terraria logo


The game makes the best use of both 3DS screens, with the bottom screen being used as an inventory and a map. It also, at times, incorporates the game’s build mode which enables you to build from the materials you have collected such as wood, ores etc…

You can choose either to dig using a tool or use a weapon like a sword. While not accessible on the EGX demo ; there is a multiplayer mode which the 3DS version offers. This includes local WiFi play supporting up to 4 players. Also, according to the screen on the demo, it was the 1.2 version of Terraria. Interesting!


Terraria has an interesting control system...

Terraria has an interesting control system…


Terraria hasn’t got an exact release date yet for either the 3DS or Wii U, but I was told that it was likely to get released during 2016.




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