Preview: Ultimate NES Remix @ EGX 2014

Ultimate-NES-Remix 3DS

One of the flagship 3DS titles shown at Eurogamer Expo this year was Ultimate NES Remix, a mash-up of the two NES Remix games originally released for the Wii U.

Announced originally during Nintendo’s Treehouse stream back in September, Ultimate NES Remix breaks down 16 games from the origins of Nintendo’s gaming history into minigames, each focusing on small mechanics that build up to the game as a whole.

So for example you could be challenged with getting 100 coins in Super Mario Bros, jumping over 10 barrels in Donkey Kong or completing a level of Kirby’s Adventure to a time limit.

NES Remix I and II offered 16 and 12 broken-apart titles respectively, so there’s been some careful crafting in which games have been transferred to the 3DS version.

There’s also the NES Remix Pack on the WiiU which contains both games bundled together – so there are a range of options to get your retro on.

The demo on offer had 4 playable game remixes; Speed Mario Bros (the iconic platformer running at double speed), Donkey Kong in the dark, Clone Super Mario Bros 3 and Kirby Egg Catcher.

My favourites were Speed Mario Bros and Egg Catcher, which kept a much faster pace than the others.

For glory hunters out there, Ultimate NES Remix will also include online leaderboards, measuring top scores against players per region as well as in your friend list. It will also include Championship Mode, which is inspired from 1990 Nintendo World Championship event – you might be familiar with it if you’ve ever watched The Wizard.

Ultimate NES Remix is set for release in Europe on November 7 and though the retail price has not yet been confirmed, most people will predict it will be around £25-30 RRP.

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