Preview: Zombie Panic in Wonderland @ EGX 2014

There seemed to be something of a Wonderland theme among the 3DS line-up at this year’s EGX (which was stellar by the way! Very well done Nintendo!). Not only did Lewis Carroll’s trippy alternate dimension feature in Persona Q, it also provided the setting for new indie gem Zombie Panic in Wonderland.

I have a confession to make. During my first minute or so of play I made the very wrong assumption that this was a shovelware title. The super polished animé visuals were what first set off warning bells in my head (hey, it is a trick shovelware developers often use, OK!), and this was not helped by finding myself in a quaint little shop that looked suspiciously like something out of one of those generic Disney games. I was then asked to pick up an item on the ground (I think it might have been the character’s gun in hindsight) and thought to myself “oh dear” ; surely this was going to play out like one of those tedious ‘games’ where you’re instructed to do some dumb thing. And, when you have, you are asked to do another dumb thing, and this sad state of affairs carries on until you decide to throw your device out of the window in boredom (the early mobile Sims java app titles were good/bad examples of this).


Arcade action in the palm of your hand!

Arcade action in the palm of your hand!


Once allowed to navigate my character I discovered how very wrong I was. With gun in hand I could shoot/destroy literally everything in front of me. Which, paired with the game’s fast and responsive controls, proved extremely fun!

As the game’s title suggests your main objective is to kill zombies. When you manage to kill the required amount of zombies in your area your character will move forward to the next area. Pretty soon things start to get very tough, but given its arcade feel and how fun the title is you actually won’t mind starting again from the beginning when you loose. You’ll be too busy thinking up new tactics to get further next time round to get frustrated!


Some mighty tasty Zombie Panic in Wonderland promo art

Some mighty tasty Zombie Panic in Wonderland promo art


Aside from this year’s EGX having a brilliant 3DS line-up in general, its fair to say the indie games on show for the device were nothing short of exceptional. I do enjoy playing favourites, but if you were to ask me to choose between this, Shovel Knight and the new Shantae outing I wouldn’t know what to say. Mainly because I want all 3 in my 3DS library. Right now.

Zombie Panic in Wonderland’s gameplay I can most closely compare with Link’s Crossbow Training on the Wii. Except handheld. And hence better! Do be sure to buy!



Akaoni Studio (the developer)’s Official Site :


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