Radiant Historia is being remade for the 3DS

Atlus have announced that they are remaking Radiant Historia (originally released for the DS in 2010) for the 3DS as Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology.Like with the Etrian Odyssey Untold remakes, they will be enhanced graphics, voice acting to take advantage of the 3DS’ hardware.

When starting the game you’ll have the option to select between two modes. “Perfect Mode” which features the Standard and Alternate History from the original DS game with the addition of a new “Sub-History” to go with them. “Append Mode” is basically the same thing except the Sub-History becomes available only after beating Standard and Alternate Histories. You’ll also get to change difficulties for either mode.

Further information, including an overview of the game, new elements, and comments from the producers staff, will be featured within the pages of Weekly Famitsu.

There is no word of a localisation as of yet, though the original game was released in Japan and North America. The Japanese release is due out on 29th June.

Here’s the official teaser site: http://radianthistoria.jp/

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