Smash for the Switch: New Game or Port?

At the end of Nintendo Direct (8th March) there was a sneak peek of what was thought to be more Splatoon announcements when during then, the well known Smash logo appeared, implying that Splatoon characters will be in the upcoming Switch game coming in 2018.

A question plaguing many people’s mind is will Smash for Switch be an entirely new game or just a port of the Wii U/3DS version considering that the Switch has had quite a few games ported from the ill-fated Wii U.

One theory supporting a newly built game is that Link’s shadow is seen shortly with him wearing his Breath of the Wild attire. Another more pressing argument is that the game is titled Super Smash Bros. and not Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch which means in the future there may be a subtitle for the Switch game. Right as the teaser trailer wraps up, it’s stated that Hal Laboratories is labeled as the developer and not Bandai Namco like they were with Smash for Wii U.

However since the game is stated to come out this year could point at a port since they will only have to add cosmetic upgrades and previously released DLC to the game. In addition the Switch has already overtaken the hardware sales of it’s predecessor so they think that bringing an existing game to a new audience would be a cost effective move.

So what’s your opinion?

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