Sonic 1 is getting a 3D Classics release in Japan

SEGA will be releasing the original Sonic the Hedgehog in the Japanese eShop next week, but with the 3D Classics makeover.

Like with previous titles like Kid Icarus and Excitebike, this latest release will take advantage of the 3DS’ technology to make it feel like a new game.
The ability to Spin Dash has been added (and can be taken off for all you purists) and you can also select the stages from the beginning, where as in the original version you had to enter a cheat code.

The unique thing about this release will be the ability to play the game in a CRT format using the 3D feature. (basically what TVs were like before flatscreens and HDTV) to give you that 1990’s nostalgia.

sonic 3d classics crt

(left: normal screen, right: CRT enhanced)

No word, if SEGA is planning on releasing this outside Japan, as they also have Super Hang ON and Space Harrier in 3D Classics which are also Japanese-exclusive.

Sonic 3D Classic Page (Japanese)

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