Steamworld Heist lands onto eShop with date and price revealed.

Image & Form have announced the release date and the prices of the upcoming Steamworld Heist. The date is the 10th December 2015 for the 3DS and the other formats will get it in 2016.

The SteamWorld Heist logo

The SteamWorld Heist logo

The price is £14.99/ $19.99 / €19.99, but there is good news for those who buy it before 31st December in that they not only get a FREE Steamworld Heist Home menu theme, but in addition get a discount which the game will be £11.99 / $16.99 / €16.99.

Now some are thinking that this is expensive for an eShop game and in comparison to it’s predecessor Steamworld Dig which is £6.99. Image & Form have stated that Heist’s campaign will be 15-20 hours long as opposed to Dig 3-5 hours length so you get more value with Heist.

Check out our EGX15 hands on:

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