StreetPass London

Want to meet some of the 3DSBlessed crew? Well now’s your chance, as some of us have set up a new meetup group : StreetPass London!

StreetPass London is the latest group to be founded as part of StreetPassUK’s national network of 3DS meets. Its meets will take place in large areas (where attendance will be free) in the hope of replicating the successes of Northern meets such as StreetPass Manchester and StreetPass East Midlands.


The StreetPass London logo

The StreetPass London logo


The organising team have a long history of running successful gaming meets between them. I, for example, was responsible for founding the SonicLondon meet-up group, which has proven a run-away success. The SonicLondon meets are frequently attended by 30+ Sonic fans, and we have received support from the likes of Nintendo, Capcom and Sumo Digital. Max Maslen was one of DS:London’s most active admins for a time (2009 – 2012) and played a large part in its ongoing success. Tareq Ashry, further, has been involved in the running of both aforementioned groups. He is also, as I am, involved in the running of this very site.

The first StreetPass London meet is set to take place at the scenic Royal Festival Hall. Situated close to the river Thames, this sprawling venue will provide 3DS fans with plenty of space to frolic. Add to this the breath-taking views and you’ve got a recipe for a meet that is nothing short of win.


The Royal Festival Hall : location for the first StreetPass London meet

The Royal Festival Hall : location for the first StreetPass London meet


As for what games you can expect to divulge in with others? Favourites like Mario Kart 7, Pokémon X/Y and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate are all sure to get played. But, to be fair, seeing as the 3DS’ library is still relatively small (and some of its fans quite dedicated) there’s a high chance that : whatever game you fancy playing with comrades, you should be able to find a partner to get stuck in with.

You can join the group at the following places :

If you’re thinking of coming along to the meet we urge you to RSVP. You can do so at the following locations :

Please come along and join in the 3DS shenanigans!


Official StreetPass UK site :

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