Summary of 3DS Nintendo Direct April podcast

The Nintendo Direct podcast that was broadcast on Wednesday gave a huge amount of announcements and updates to the 3DS library, the main highlights being: A sequel to the SNES classic Zelda:A Link to the Past and several new Mario titles.

To start off with Zelda sequel that will be due out at the end of 2013. Set in the same world as its known predecessor: A Link to the Past, this game will have its 2D style most unchanged, but will add new abilities which benefit from new abilities such as Link being able to become a drawing in order to walk on walls to get to hidden platforms and also give the player new viewpoints. This game will be seen as One of Nintendo’s Christmas hits for the 3DS and will be a sought after title.

zelda legend 2 3ds

Next we have a new Mario Party title (also known as Mario Party 10), will use the 3DS abilities such as AR and street-pass in relation to the 81 mini games on 7 different gameboards that are on store for this title.

mario party 3ds

Also the new Mario & Luigi:Dream Team is the latest in the RPG series will be released in the UK in July 2013 and North America a month later. This title with have 2 sections based in the real world and the dream world in which while Luigi is sleeping the player plays as Mario and Luigi and can manipulate his dreams with touch screen controls which change factors in the gameplay.


Another Mario title returning is Mario Golf: World Tour, which will add online play which like Mario Kart 7 will have a community based feature in which you can play with like-minded people and using special rules such as either playing in traditional golf models or using special modes.

Yoshi is getting a new adventure in Yoshi’s Island 3D, in which Yoshi again has to carry a baby Mario though the worlds and is rumored to use many of the features from the 3DS while retained its classic charms, an release date is unknown as of now, but is predicted to be either late 2013 or 2014.

yoshi island 3ds

For those waiting Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, they were announcement of features and exclusive levels that would be just for the 3DS version, such as a new mode in which the players gets an extra heart, plus there will be more items lying around the levels and a new Crash Guard item which will be of use when riding on the mine carts or the barrels. But for the purists they will be the classic mode that was on the Wii version, so both parties will be happy.

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, which is the sixth title of the series released, but the third game chronologically will be released in the UK in late 2013. This title will have 500 puzzles and will be the last of the prequel trilogy and of the series in general which will gives many fans a tearful.


On new 3DS consoles, the Animal Crossing: New Leaf edition will be released on 14th June 2013 and will have the Animal Crossing: New Leaf game pre-installed on the 3DS XL.


And there are other titles such as Zelda: Oracles of Ages/Seasons on the Virtual Console and Shin Megami Tensei IV getting a NA and EU release and several Guild 02 games for release later this year.

In all, a very good selection of upcoming titles for the 3DS, a shame that there no talk of more GBA games in eShop or a new F-Zero title, but who across that maybe Nintendo has some more surprises in store for the next Nintendo Direct.

To watch the Nintendo Direct EU video via Youtube go to this link
Youtube video of Nintendo Direct EU

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