devil survivor 2

NIS America reveals release dates for 2 games.

Games like these are known to be released in limited quantities in Europe if not at all and it doesn’t help that the 3DS is region locked unlike it’s predecessor. But thanks to the efforts of NIS America many games …Continue reading →

Devil Survivor 2 reaches Pre-Order Target, EU release guaranteed

Ghostlight Software said earlier that Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 for the DS would not be released in Europe unless a set number of pre-orders were met via its website as they felt that releasing it normally wouldn’t be …Continue reading →

Ghostlight attempting to release Devil Survivor 2 to Europe

It was a few months ago that Devil Survivor Overclocked(DSO) was released, which itself was an update from the DS version release in the States back in 2009. Ghostlight Software were responsible for publishing DSO for European shores and are …Continue reading →

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