Devil Survivor 2 reaches Pre-Order Target, EU release guaranteed

Ghostlight Software said earlier that Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 for the DS would not be released in Europe unless a set number of pre-orders were met via its website as they felt that releasing it normally wouldn’t be worth the risk as the title is considered niche in Europe.

Fortunately for us, that target was met as the 1800 pre-orders needed was reached and Ghostlight Software said there would be two editions: The normal edition which will sell for £24.99 which will have the game as well as a poster , a special alternative cover with a gold logo and the chance to have your name in the manual, or for £49.98 there was a double pack that also included a discount copy of Devil Survivor Overclocked (3DS), saving £10.


Collectors of DS2 – behold

Ghostlight havent revealed a release date as of yet but details will be posted here, when a release date is confirmed. An 3DS update of DS2 is scheduled for release in Japan, although its unknown whether the 3DS edition will make it to North America or Europe.

Just to let you know the pre-order edition, to have your name imprinted on the manual has expired.


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  • Huntmonsterdx says:

    Im so glad Ghostlight are working hard to get games like this out in Europe, hope they releases the 3DS Update of DS2 as well.

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