Ghostlight attempting to release Devil Survivor 2 to Europe

It was a few months ago that Devil Survivor Overclocked(DSO) was released, which itself was an update from the DS version release in the States back in 2009.


Pending EU release boxart

Ghostlight Software were responsible for publishing DSO for European shores and are planning to get the sequel released as well. Their plan is to distribute the title online and expect an minimum number of pre-orders before going through with the project, so they can know how much and how many copies to manufacture, which more info can be found on their blog:

Some are wondering why Ghostlight are releasing the DS Version, when a 3DS version is set for release in Japan. Guessing they are playing safe in case demand is lower than expected from the looks from this quote:

I know some of you have said you’d rather wait for a potential release of the new 3DS remake, which is fair enough, but for anyone who’s sitting on the fence I must say that I’ve really enjoyed Devil Survivor 2 and think that it would be the perfect game for any of you looking for your SRPG fix after finishing Fire Emblem and Devil Survivor Overclocked.

For more news regarding the pre-order procedure be sure to follow Ghostlight via their Twitter account:


Image Source: Ghostlight Software

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