Tetris Ultimate hits 3DS in November, eShop version is cheaper.

Earlier, Ubisoft announced that the next Tetris game: Tetris Ultimate will be released on the 3DS, alongside the PS4, Xbox One, PS Vita and PC. We have been given an official release date for Europe/UK and the US. The European …Continue reading →

Tetris Ultimate hits the 3DS

At Ubisoft E3 2014 conference, they announced that Tetris Ultimate would be getting released for the next gen consoles (PS4 and XBOX ONE) to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Russian made game. Some were curious as to wonder why …Continue reading →

StreetPass London – Round up

Last Sunday saw the premier get-together of StreetPass Uk’s latest meetup group, 3DSBlessed’s very own StreetPass London! Taking place at the Royal Festival Hall, this event was attended by no less than 24 attendees willing to come on down and get their …Continue reading →

Puyo Puyo and Tetris to join forces?

For those that are fans of either Puyo Puyo or Tetris or even both of them, you will love what SEGA is planning on doing with a game for both these franchises as announced by Famitsu magazine. Make a combo …Continue reading →

3DS eShop releases for 6th June

After last weeks’ major releases of Both Zelda Oracle Games(GBC) , this week is pretty quiet on the 3DS side of things will only 1 release for the 3DS and 2 games for the DSiWare. 3DS Retail: * Tetris (Tetris …Continue reading →

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