3DS eShop releases for 6th June

After last weeks’ major releases of Both Zelda Oracle Games(GBC) , this week is pretty quiet on the 3DS side of things will only 1 release for the 3DS and 2 games for the DSiWare.

3DS Retail:
* Tetris (Tetris Online, £8.99) – This title has alot more in common with Tetris Party as opposed to Tetris DS which was more of a montage to the classic Nintendo franchises e.g Zelda, Metroid and of course Mario. Nevertheless this is still a good title for one taking advantage of the AR feature of the 3DS, which itself has not been used to its advantage as much as expected.

*Jewel Quest 4 Heritage (MSL, 800 Nintendo Points) – This title is similar to its predecessors in which you swap tiles to get a line of three of more of the same colour, in which is similar to Bejeweled.

*Break Tactics (Agetec, 500 Nintendo Points) – This strategy game was released last year in America and can just come to European shores this week.

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