Tap Skaters Review

Publisher: Forever Entertainment SA

Developer: Digital Melody

RRP: £4.49

This pixelled skater game from Polish gaming company Digital Melody and publisher Forever Entertainment SA has ported their mobile title Tap Skaters to the Nintendo Switch.

There are three modes to play with (Career, Endless and VS). You can collect coins in which can purchase items and new characters, increase also increase the player’s “fame” which unlocks missions down the line. There are 50 missions in career mode with different objectives from having to jump x amount of times, to collecting items and racing other rivals. There is only one control function and that is jump which is done either by pressing the A button or tapping on the Switch screen. I personally prefer using the A button as I find it more precise.

The gameplay is using your skater to ride and jump down slopes of different angles (sharper angles meet faster speeds) and obstacles and other skaters blocking your path. One small issue is in some levels, the items to collect can be in places where you can get killed trying to get them (a pizza slice next to some blades or boxes) and if you are on a steep slope this is a easy way to end your game.

Endless mode is self-explanatory with the aim of getting the highest score and having a leaderboard will definitely get players going back to improve their score. VS mode can 2 players the option to going head to head in local multiplayer.

Collecting coins to use for purchasing characters and items leans heavily on the mobile version’s advert system and microtransactions. The Switch version does away with the microtransactions and adverts which is good and bad. The good side to this is that you are not interrupted by adverts every time you finish a level. The downside is that it can be slower to get coins to get new characters and fame making the game feel like a grind at times.

It would have been nice to have more variety in the music, considering the background changes every 5 levels as opposed to having the same track play all the time.

Tap Skaters is a fun game to kill time with on the Switch and a good way to improve your reaction and observational skills. Similar to other mobile game it can get addictive with players wanting to keep playing to improve their score or to beat a certain level.


  • Easy to pick up
  • No adverts in Switch version
  • Simple gameplay


  • Only one music track
  • Easy to get “killed” due to mechanics.

Final Score: 7.5/10

Review code provided by Forever Entertainment SA


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