Tappingo 2 confirmed for 3DS eShop with screens

UPDATE (26/6/14): Added some screenshots of Tappingo 2’s zoom feature.

Goodbye Galaxy Games’ Tappingo has gotten a good amount of sales and acclaim to get a sequel greenlit. Hugo Smits who created Tappingo, said that “The game will feature over 100 new puzzles and new things like a zoom mode for larger puzzles.” This will be welcome as one of the issues I had with the original game was the lack of zoom which was frustrating, especially on the larger puzzles.

tappingo2 logo

A exact release date hasn’t been confirmed but a summer release is likely and we are likely to see more details and screenshots of Tappingo 2 within the next week.

Read our review of the original: Tappingo Review

Follow Hugo Smits’ Twitter: https://twitter.com/HugoSmits


UPDATED Screenshots of Tappingo 2

tappingo 2 rocket zoomtappingo 2 trex zoom








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