Violent City @ New River Studios in Harringay, London

Another pop-up gaming group enters the growing number of places bringing back retro gaming to London joining the likes of Las Vegas Arcade Soho, Heart of Gaming, Game Changer LDN and Four Quarters Bar.

Violent City which has it’s home in the Harringay Warehouse District and uses three buildings; Ex Fed, New River Studios and Unit E which are all within 30 seconds of each other so it’s easy to get familiar with the premises.

New River Studios

One of the buildings they use.

I went to their People Love Machines event on Thursday 26th May which is held every 2 weeks and they had several arcade cabs as well as consoles from the Master System to the Dreamcast. I played PowerStone 2 on the Dreamcast and Puzzle Bobble on the arcade, both great games.

I was told about another event called Brutal Deluxe which is held in the ExFed warehouse which is behind New River Studios that is larger and that they have more of their arcade cabs as well as consoles with a stronger focus on fighting games such as Street Fighter V, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Guilty Gear. This event is held weekly on Wednesdays usually. Both events have an entry fee of £5-7 (but for the Brutal Deluxe event a discount is provided if people bring their own consoles to help with the demand).

At New River Studios there is a small bar which serves beer and coffee as well as a kitchen which was serving dumplings and spring rolls at the event.

Their Venue Address is 199 Eade Rd, London, N4 1DN and the nearest underground station is Manor House (Piccadilly Line).

Official Site:

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