Worcle Worlds Review for 3DS

Lightwood Games have made their scene on the 3DS and Wii U with their mobile based games ported to Nintendo platforms such as Pic-A-Pix and World Puzzles.

Their latest title Worcle Worlds uses the core gameplay from well known games such as Zuma, Luxor and the DS Actionloop/Magentica. Although instead of matching colours together, you match letters to create words.

The objective is to fire the letter balls into the circle to form a total of 50 words by flicking your stylus or pressing the A button. Moving the directional pointer to aim your letter can be done either with the touchscreen or the D-pad. I preferred using the physical buttons as it was more accurate. Running out of room on the grid will cause the Vortex to consume all the letters and then you having to start all over. Using certain letters will get you a higher score. There are two modes in Worcle Worlds; Solo Mode and Battle Mode, first let’s talk about Solo Mode.

The story is thin with the Worcle Worlds once being filled with letters and word forming, arranging etc… until some entity called “The Vortex” came and suck all the letters and word away, hence lacking their vocabulary and it’s the players job to restore all the words’ vocabulary. The story does follow on with the worlds, but the game would still be the same without it. Some worlds have restrictions on what letters can be used e.g Opetus doesn’t have Q or X and The Vortex doesn’t have E or S. Some of the later worlds have more restrictions like Verlate have few vowels making it hard to form the most basic of worlds, so a good number of tries are need to beat the level.

Completing a world unlocks Time Attack mode in which you have 3 minutes to create as many words as possible. There are 3 types of leaderboards from total score, highest word score and time attack score, so players will want to keep playing and compare their score to other players online.

If you are wanting more of a challenge then Battle Mode is either Local Play or Online Play. This mode sees you making words to try to keep your board clear and to build up a meter to attack your opponent. When your meter is charged, you’ll fire a solid gray ball into your opponent’s field. This ball cannot be used in any words and the only way to remove it from the play field is to create a word using a ball next to it. It is definitely a change of pace from Solo mode.

Worcle Worlds is a puzzle game, so the visuals are not a main priority for this genre, however the top screen backgrounds are pleasing to look at and even use the 3D feature so they stand out even more. The bottom puzzle area looks decent as well. Each world also has it’s own audio track, so it doesn’t feel repetitive playing between worlds.

Some UI flaws exist such as when you fail a mission, it just takes you back to the main menu, seeing it would be nice to have a retry button.

Worcle Worlds is £7.99 on the eShop, so it is somewhat dearer than Lightwood Games other titles, but considering there is online multiplayer it has somewhat justified.


  • Loads of words to choose
  • Battle mode is exciting
  • Online Multiplayer


  • Price can be steep compared to iOS version
  • No retry button if failed a mission.

Final Score: 7.5/10

Lightwood Games provided 3DSBlessed with a review copy.

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