3D Outrun given Japanese release date and details.

Due to the successful of SEGA 3D Classics range last year remastered by M2, them and SEGA are going to release a second wave of games under the 3D Classic range.

3D Outrun logoOne of these will be a remastered edition of the well liked Outrun which will be released on the Japanese eShop on the 23rd April and will retail for approx 800 yen (£4.65)

The new features & enhancements the 3D remake (which all the 3D Classics have) are:

  • The option to save at any point and resume again later on
  • The choice of using either the Circle Pad, D-pad or touch controls to play.
  • A choice of the Japanese or International(Overseas) version, with different course placements between them
  • Multiple screen size settings, including a moving arcade cabinet style as seen in other games such as Super Hang On 3D and Space Harrier 3D
  • A host of audio options, and two brand new songs composed by Manabu Namiki and Jane-Evelyn Nisperos

Hopefully there will be news of a localisation for Europe and North America in the near future.

Source: Nintendo Life


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