3DS eShop releases for 4th April

Now that the bank holiday has finished, here are this Thursday’s releases for the 3DS:

On 3DS eShop:
Alien Chaos 3D (£3.59),a platformer/shooter which was stated to be released last Summer, but for unknown reasons was delayed til this week.

Witch & Hero (£3.59), a game which many 8-bit fanboys will love, in which the hero has to defeat the evil Medusa and the gameplay resembles a certain well-known series.

On: Virtual Console:
* Megaman 3 (NES) (£4.49), the third installment to the Megaman series has joined its two prequels to the eShop and will please many fans.

And finally on Retail Download:
* Monster High: Skultimate Roller Maze (Little Orbit, €29.99 / £24.99) – this game seems to be a re-release of the DS/Wii releases that came out last year.

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