A 3DS without the 3D function????

Now before everyone assume this is a late April Fools Joke, it is NOT!!

Today Nintendo had announced that there will be a 3DS model released WITHOUT THE 3D function, hence the console with be called the Nintendo 2DS. The 2DS will still have WI-Fi, Streetpass, eShop and backwards DS compability.

Nintendo 2DS

Guessing Ninty are going with the tablet phase


One of the reasons for the release of this model is to attract a larger and younger audience, has before stated that the 3D should not be used by anyone under 6years old. This model unlike the 3DS clamshape design is going with a flat tablet-like design. This ain’t the first time Nintendo has went with this route, as with the Game Boy Micro which was a small pocket size Game Boy Advance released in 2005.

The new 2DS is being sold on Game for £109.99 with free UK delivery in two colour combinations, white and red or black and blue and comes with a 4GB SD Card. Also the 2DS is stated for release on the 12th October which is the same date as the Pokemon X & Y release. In Addition there will be cases to hold your 2DS which are predicted to cost around £10-15.

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